Quick magazine was a “news weekly” published by Cowles Magazines, Inc., part of Cowles Media Company (now a subsidiary of McClatchy Newspapers Inc.). The pocket-sized publication (4.5 X 6 inches and 64-68 pages, plus covers) were available at newsstands each Thursday, where folks were encouraged via cutesy back covers to “carry it in your pocket or your purse… and read it wherever you are”.

Quick was started by Gardner Cowles Jr. (called “Mike”) in 1949 and, despite a circulation of 1.3 million, the magazine was ended in 1953 when it was decided that Quick‘s subscribers could be transferred to Look, where the circulation numbers would help Look maintain a lead in the big battle with competitor Colliers.

            Magazine was a well known pocket-sized “news weekly” published by Cowles Magazines, Inc. from 1949 to 1953. On the cutesy backside covers folks were encouraged to “get Quick on your newsstand an carry it in your pocket or your purse… and read it wherever you are”.

A new Quick Magazine was first published in November 2010. The artists´ magazine focuses on the exploration of ideas through images and strategies of appropriation. Each issue  is done by an artist and presents a text.

Quick also invites several artists to create small editions, that are realized in an circulation of 25 pieces.

Quick Magazine is edited by: Arno Auer

Design: Franziska Nast, Arno Auer

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